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  1.  Strength is a skill. To become a stronger, faster and healthier athlete having the correct training protocol for you is imperative. No two athletes are the same.  

  2. The goal is first to keep you safe, second to keep you on the field, and last to improve your performance in the gym. Without the first two none of this is necessary, which is why we use movement quality as the foundation of training.



  1.  Each client is individually assessed and taught the fundamentals of human movement – these are the building blocks of strength.
  2.  The next phase is skill development aimed to improve movement patters, foundational strength and proper conditioning – proper mechanics and patterns are engrained in the client throughout
  3.  Proper mechanics and patterns
  4. Following the movement quality portion of the program will come the strength portion. Here is where we build on the fundamentals of quality movement and begin to add strength and improve performance. The loads will rarely be maximal as our mission is to continue to grow and improve rather than peak in the gym.
  5. The final two parts of the program will be the acquisition of new skills and the increase of endurance. Skill acquisition is important as it will allow the athlete to increase strength, power, and speed which will ultimately improve performance.

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