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The Most Important Meeting of the Day.

The Most Important Meeting of the Day


For the majority of my clients there are three interrelated negative consistencies in their day:  Endless meetings, endless amounts of emails that continue to pile up during the long day of meetings, and the stress caused by feeling like there will never be an end in sight to the week. There simply is just not enough time in the day for these type A personality clients left in the day. Whether they are hosting the meeting or sitting in the back barely able to stay awake, their day is consumed.  Productive? Possibly.  Feeling of importance? Probably. Unfortunately, being double booked results in canceling the most important meeting of all:  a daily 1:1 with ourselves.


There are countless ways to create a time of reflection and relieve the stress that builds during the day. Meditation, exercise, reflection on the days events in a quiet place. Each method has experts, books, and a devote cult following. I encourage all of my clients to choose one – any one – and to do it alone each day.


Why should you take time out for yourself?


It is a critical to maintenance and growth. As a country we simply do not take care of ourselves.  We want to lose weight, eat better, and create a healthier lifestyle, but our follow through is weak or non-existent.  Each day I struggle with keeping my me-meeting on the docket – and so I’ve spent some time reflecting on why this has become such a challenge.


The first influencer is a lack of health education.  Physical fitness and health is put on the back burner for classes that will probably be either forgotten about or rendered useless by the time college/university rolls around. Math, English, and foreign languages have been put ahead of programs like physical education and music. Gone are the days where 9-5 meant 9-5 and so has the ability to focus on individual health, which I believe is due to a lack of early physical education.


Second is priority. America is obsessed with feeling busy. When we are not stressed, when our day is open, we feel unproductive and unimportant.  This is due to the mentality that sitting at your desk or in your cubicle starting at a blank computer screen is more productive than taking an hour to release some of the stress and step away from the task at hand and return with a refreshed mental state ready to finish the job. Instead employers pressure their employees to spend their entire days hunched over at computer screens. I have seen first hand that those hours spent at the desk are not only being used for work related material, but mindless scrolling through social media platforms, online shopping, and other mindless activities, all because it is expected of you to be at your desk “busy.”


The third and final reason is that everyone in our society is looking for the quick fix, or the easy way to achieve personal goals. Our time is spent achieving other peoples goals, not our own. We have become too scared to commit to something and falter when someone’s opinion of us is negative or unsupportive. The road to greatness has changed from the road less traveled to the shortest possible arrival no matter what the cost. If we as a society took half the time we did jumping from diet to diet, quick fix to quick fix, we would not be in the situation we are in as a society.


So what is the most important meeting of the day? It is the one that you have with yourself.  The one that gives you the time to reflect on what is important in your day to day activity and improve on yourself because at the end of the day without thriving as an individual you are no good to anyone that relies on you.


Types of Meetings


I believe that making time for your daily meeting is something that takes work. It is not easy to break habits that you have had for years. That is why it is best to begin, as it is with every new endeavor, with small steps. The easier you make the changes for yourself the easier it is going to be to continue to expand on your new habits. A few months back I took the time to write some personal and professional goals down along with the way in which I would accomplish those goals. This is a practice that I have used off and on since my high school playing days. It can be as simple as taking a piece of paper and a pen writing down what the next 3 months will look like in your mind, the goals which you wish to accomplish, and anything else that at the end of that time frame you would like to look back at and say yes I kept that goal/ideal in mind. Then you get the time to reflect on the goals that you accomplished and the ones you want to continue to work on.



Training is one of my most important meetings of my day because it allows me to do several things that I enjoy. The first is being by myself for an hour to turn off worrying about others and focus on making myself the best I can be. My training consists of keeping things as basic as possible in order to be efficient and effective. Rarely do I ever just jump into my training and make a random workout. If I were to go into a meeting and just randomly go through a presentation chances are the meeting would not be considered professional or a success. Why would you treat your training that way?



 My training has also led to me let go of some of the things that weigh on me during the day, difficult situations with clients, work, and dealing with outside stress. I have also found that I am able to find ideas for my writing, this article included. Now you may say that I am not focused enough on my training, or how is my training efficient when I am writing down ideas for articles in between sets, but it is what works for me.



Being one week into the New Year and resolutions already falling by the wayside for some, make it a point to schedule your daily time. It will not only improve your overall health and fitness but it will improve your ability to be productive in other aspects of life.




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